Welcome to Zeta Books

Zeta Books is an international publishing house in the Humanities. Its focus is on quality scholarly content in a broad range of areas. Our values are: quality, creativity, scholarship, depth and breadth, cosmopolitanism, and vision. We are committed to be as competitive as possible on both the academic and non-academic publishing markets and on working with authors, editors, and customers from as wide as possible geographical and intellectual distributions and traditions for the progress of knowledge.

We are keen on quickly adapting to the most recent, dynamic developments in the modern electronic publishing techniques, as well as nostalgic and conservative with respect to the continuing Gutenberg era of traditional publishing techniques. We publish in several languages and are open to all cultural traditions.

The members of our editorial teams come from all academic areas: scholars with specific backgrounds in anthropology, sociology, history, philosophy, history of art, translation studies, theology, etc. They provide a careful examination and selection of the Zeta Books publications.

Zeta Books has been publishing 10 book series so far and has also been editing 4 academic journals. We are keen on seeing these numbers and corresponding covered areas gradually expanding, but always with an eye on quality, rather than quantity.

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Online Access

Zeta Books grants Institutional Online Access to all e-Books and e-Journals (searchable full texts and abstracts) via Philosophy Documentation Center.

See the list of our current Institutional Customers for Online Access.

For a Library, there are two main advantages in having Institutional Online Access:

  • The e-Books and e-Journals are simultaneously available to many readers, in Adobe PDF format (all readers can download and print the eBook for individual use).
  • The books do not take up space (which is increasingly important for libraries).

An Institution can have access to the Online content in two ways:
(including its whole network of computers) 

  • Local access in the Institution's electronic database: the e-Books / e-Journals can be put into the password-protected online repository of the Institution.
  • IP-based access directly on Zeta website: Philosophy Documentation Center. Access is provided to computers within a particular set of Internet IP addresses. After you order a book (i.e., the electronic version for institutions), please write to ip@zetabooks.com, and let us know the IP class / range of your Institution.

How to purchase Institutional Online License for Zeta e-Books and e-Journals?

  • You can choose the e-Book / e-Journal you are interested in, order online at www.zetabooks.com (click on "eBook for Institutions" or "Institutional Online Access), and pay with the credit card (secured connection).
  • You can send your order via e-mail at orders@zetabooks.com, and ask for a pro-forma invoice; in this case, you will pay via bank transfer.
  • Once you have purchased an electronic license for an individual title, you will have permanent access to this content (it is not limited in time).

How Does Institutional Online Access Works?

  • Institutional access is easy and convenient! There are no usernames or passwords to remember and there is currently no limit on the number of readers from an institution who may access the online version of our e-Books and e-Journals simultaneously.
  • If a computer requesting access to our e-Books and e-Journals is within the list of Internet IP addresses provided by a subscribing institution, all those services enabled for institutional readers are immediately available.

How to identify that Access is received through an Institutional Subscription?

  • If an Institution has a subscription, there is immediate access to all content on the online version of Zeta e-Books and e-Journals.
  • A banner located at the top of the page will confirm that access is available from the subscribing Institution.