Anthropology & Sociology

Series Coordinators: Vintilă Mihăilescu (senior editor), Raluca Moise (junior editor)

Scientific Board: Pierre Bidart (anthropology, Bordeaux 2); Charles-Henri Cuin (sociology, Bordeaux 2); Ellen Hertz (anthropology, l'Institut d'Ethnologie, Universite de Neuchatel); Olivier Gosselain (anthropology, Universite Libre de Bruxelles); R. Zeebroek (anthropology, Universite Libre de Bruxelles);

This book series is dedicated to social sciences and covers the fields of sociology, cultural anthropology and the domains connected. Due to the fact that cultural anthropology and sociology are fields of study built as types of social sciences in a relation of reciprocity and self-positioning, we started this series in a logic of complementarity and mutual enrichment.

Zeta Series in Anthropology & Sociology is organized in two essential parts:

1. author books, collections of articles, valuable PhD thesis of various scholars. This section encourages scientific communication between well-known professors and young scholars.
2. collections of articles or papers resulting from conferences, colloquia, congresses, seminars covering our fields of interest.

The works - books or articles - must prove valuable and significant and are addressed to a public with various interests in the mentioned topics. The internal structure of each discipline concentrates generic topics (works offering an overall view) and specific topics according to the dynamics of each social discipline. We encourage works written from a focused, applied perspective, the wide and seductive range covering but not being limited to: appropriation, communication, communities, identity construction, urban cultures, popular cultures, speech, writing, spaces, social fact, immigration, internalization, language, social mediations, technical/technological objects, cultural/social practices, social representations, networks, rites, ritualism, rituality, subcultures, electronic medium, universalization. All these key words define the interest topics to be treated according to each discipline.