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Editorial Board: Alexander Baumgarten (University of Cluj); Andrei Cornea (University of Bucharest); John Dillon (Trinity College, Dublin); Philippe Hoffmann (EPHE, Paris); Dominic O’Meara (University of Fribourg, Switzerland); Anne Sheppard (Royal Holloway, University of London); Anca Vasiliu (CNRS, Paris);

About Zeta Series Neoplatonism

This Book-series publishes scholarly work and exegesis in the field of Neoplatonism. We focus not only onthe Neoplatonic philosophy in Late Antiquity, but also on its Mediaeval and Renaissance posterity. We publish original books in this field, proceedings of specialized conferences or colloquia, and thematic collections of articles. We also accept suggestions for republication of valuable works that are no longer available on the book market. We accept submissions in English, French and German.