For Authors

  1. Zeta Books prefers to receive the entire manuscript from the author before the peer review process.
  2. In terms of the norms of presentation of the manuscript, it should generally adhere to the Chicago Manual of Style norms.
  3. When sending the entire manuscript is not yet possible, two or more chapters are sufficient for initiating the peer review process. The material (chapters, entire manuscript) will be accompanied by a List of Questions for Authors (link) that will be filled in by the author.
  4. An author can approach the Zeta Books Editors informally, via email, with details on the proposed manuscript. This will usually be followed by a request for further material and the filled-in List of Questions for Authors (link). Or the author can directly send all relevant items to the Editors.
  5. The manuscript is evaluated in a peer review process that usually takes around three months by competent reviewers in the remit area of the manuscript.
  6. The Zeta Books Editors reserve the right to send materials to further reviewers in situations in which a decision cannot be reached on the basis of the already received reviews, as well as the right to decide in favor of or against the publication of a manuscript in case some reviews are conclusive, while some are inconclusive.
  7. In case of edited books, containing contributions from multiple authors, the Editors of Zeta Books reserve the right to decide in favor of or against publication on the basis of an internal review.
  8. All accepted material will be subsequently formatted according to in-house style and typographical conventions (in line with the established international conventions) and the authors will receive a set of proofs for corrections and editing. Any final corrections and editing is always performed by the Zeta Books editors in collaboration with the author in order to ensure that the final product is of the appropriate standard.
  9. After the acceptance of the book/article, the author is given the possibility to opt for open access, in exchance of a processing charge.
  10. For journal article submissions, please contact the journal editors.