For Librarians

  1. Zeta Books offers IP-authenticated Institutional Online Access for interested libraries via Philosophy Documentation Center.
  2. This allows both on-campus and off-campus (via various solutions, such as EZproxy, VPN, Shibboleth) access for an unlimited number of library patrons to the Zeta Books collections (discounted all content, all eJournals, all eBooks, or bespoke content - eJournal subscriptions, with default access to back-files as long as the subscription continues, flexible packages of eBooks, from single eBooks to eBook Series collections, etc.). For further details, please consult this document about the institutional homepage for administrators on Philosophy Documentation Center
  3. Zeta Books also provides, free of charge, MARC records for subscribing libraries. With respect to the metadata, there exists an agreement between Zeta Books and OCLC that is currently being implemented and users will be able to go directly from their WorldCat search results to the Philosophy Documentation Center items he or she wants to read via hyperlinked URLs. 
  4. Each Zeta Books content item has a Digital Object Identifier - DOI (at the level of the entire eJournal issue or eBook, as well as the level of eJournal articles and eBook chapters). 
  5. Classical printed versions of the journals and books also come with their MARC records, free of charge, upon demand. 
  6. Philosophy Documentation Center is "dark archiving" our content through Portico, CLOCKSS, and LOCKSS. 
  7. Librarians can order combined print and online content and benefit from further discounts as a function of the quantity of content that is being ordered. Orders can be placed directly via 
  8. For any technical issues or further information, please send an email to 
  9. Zeta Books is always open to the needs of librarians in terms of ergonomic aspects and so is open to implementing all necessary solutions upon request.