Schutzian Research: Volume 5 / 2013

Schutzian Research: Volume 5 / 2013

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ISBN: 978-606-8266-66-4 (paperback)
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MICHAEL BARBER: Introduction 
ALFRED SCHUTZ: Fragment of a Phenomenology of Rhythm Transcription, edition and translation by Gerd Sebald and Jasmin Schreyer. Introduction by Gerd Sebald: Remarks on Alfred Schutz's "Fragment on the Phenomenology of Rhythm" 
MATTEO BONOTTI: Integrating Strangers into the Mainstream Society: A Phenomenological Perspective 
JOACHIM RENN and LINDA NELL: Acts & Events-Alfred Schutz and the Phenomenological Contribution to the Theory of Interaction 
KSENIYA DMYTRENKO: Nachfolge der transzendentalen und mundanen Phänomenologie als Voraussetzung empirisch phänomenologischer Forschung 
CARLOS BELVEDERE: What is Schutzian Phenomenology? Outlining the Program of Social Phenomenology 
THOMAS EBERLE: Regaining Sense-connections after Cerebral Hemorrhage 
JOCHEN DREHER: Reflections on a Phenomenology of Power 
Book Discussion 

Hisashi Nasu and Frances Chaput Waksler (ed.), Interaction and Everyday Life: Phenomenological and Ethnomethodological. Essays in Honor of George Psathas (Lanham Maryland: Lexington Books, 2012) 
JONATHAN WENDER: Phenomenological Sociology as an Intellectual Movement 
CARLOS BELEVEDERE: On George Psathas and Phenomenological Sociology 
DOUGLAS MACBETH: Ethnomethodological Explorations


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